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deck maintenance

Nothing looks more appealing and extends the use and practicality of casual living more than a deck. When your new deck is completed that first BBQ is something special! Like every other part of a home your deck needs some periodic maintenance to maximise the lifespan of timber which after all is a natural product that needs some protection from the elements.

Deck Maintenance Tips

Here are a few simple ways you can undertake periodic deck maintenance that will ensure you enjoy your deck for many years.

Preparing for deck maintenance

Firstly, clear everything off your decks. Remove  BBQs, furniture, plants and anything else that’ll be in the way, and anything you can’t move cover with a plastic tarpaulin.

The next step is to sweep the deck with a hard bristle broom to ensure it is free of all loose dirt, leaves, sticks and debris that’s fallen on and between the decking boards. If left for too long organic material can decompose causing damage to your deck structure.  You should also wipe down any outdoor furniture as well. You don’t want to put dirty furniture back on a clean deck.

Cleaning the deck

The deck is now ready to be thoroughly washed down and this is a pretty simple process. Either use a hard bristle brush, eater and a non-toxic, environmentally friendly  detergent and a lot of elbow grease or a power washer of some kind. When using a power washer ensure that the setting is low enough not to damage the deck itself. Don’t forget the balustrade and steps as these are a magnet for cobwebs and spiders.

When you’ve thoroughly washed the whole area rinse it down with a garden hose and clean cold water letting it dry completely.

Re-coating The Deck

Now it’s time to finish the job. There are many deck oils on the market and this mostly comes down to personal preference. Some are oil dasd and some water based, some contain a coloured stain and others are natural oil. With oil and water based products offer a similar level of protection but oil based products tend to dry to a slightly darker finish.

When you’ve selected the product you can either brush it on the deck or use a sponge applicator available from most hardware stores. More than one coat may be necessary depending on how long it’s been since your last deck maintenance.

After you’ve let the product dry, your deck is ready to enjoy!

How often should I carry out deck maintenance?

This depends on how much weather your deck is exposed to but a general rule of thumb is that decks bender from maintenance every couple of years. With this king of maintenance schedule you’ll enjoy your timber deck for years.


If you need advice on deck maintenance or don’t want to do deck maintenance yourself, call us on 0412 645 022 and we’ll make sure your deck and stairs are safe for your family and friends. You’ll love our deck rejuvenations and restoration services and we’ll have your deck in the best possible condition in no time.



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