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As premier specialists, we’re committed to crafting bespoke Brisbane decks and steps that enhance the beauty of your home and external living spaces.
Leveraging both craftsmanship and cutting edge building methods , and beautiful timbers we highlight your outdoor living spaces and bring your vision to life with our exceptional designs and impeccable quality.

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Our Expert Team of Builders

With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in our field who always deliver
excellence. We’ve made our mark across Brisbane, undertaking the most challenging projects  and turning them into our success stories.

Our unparalleled knowledge and expertise ensure that your outdoor Brisbane decks and steps are installed or repaired and made safe and visually appealing, becoming a testament to our craftsmanship.

Trust our crew to transform your outdoor spaces with strength, safety, and style.

What We Do: Delivering Quality Workmanship

 Our team of fully qualified trades install and repair quality timber stairs and build the best contemporary Brisbane decks to suit Queensland homes, climate and lifestyle.

At Brisbane Decks and Stairs, our highly skilled team of professionals installs and repairs superior timber steps while crafting top-tier contemporary structures. We consider Queensland homes’ distinct design, unique climate, and lifestyle,
with your needs.

Where We Go: Our Service Areas

We deliver fully licensed services and guaranteed timber installations and repairs across Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich.

Our Expert Services

Delivering solutions that perfectly align

We deliver expert services, ensuring every project we undertake meets your unique needs, enhances your property’s aesthetics, and provides enduring functionality.

Stair Replacement

We’ll replace your broken or rotting stairs with solid, guaranteed steps that will last for years…

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Stair Repairs

Loose and unsafe treads or broken handrails? Give us a call and our repair team will fix them…

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Let us design and build a deck to celebrate to climate and enhance your lifestyle…

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Deck Repairs

Decks need periodic maintenance, balustrades, flooring, post and joists may need attention…

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Replace Old Stairs

If your outdoor structures are unsafe, we can replace them to match your home perfectly. Our tradespeople are experts in replacing old steps and landings with new ensuring that your home is safe and built to code.


New Timber Decks

We’ve been building timber platforms on different types of sites for more than 25 years. Our crew have the design ideas and experience to give you the entertaining area you want to enjoy in the great Queensland outdoors with family and friends


Stair and Handrail Repairs

We often find that stairs are basically sound but handrails have become loose from wood rot. At Brisbane Decks and Stairs we carry out all handrail and stair tread repairs.


Deck Repairs

Our hot and wet tropical Queensland climate means outdoor timber construction is exposed to the extreme weather. Our carpenters repair all timber platforms and balustrades so your outdoor living areas are in the best possible condition.

When you call Brisbane Decks and Stairs

  • You can feel confident knowing you’re engaging the expertise of a registered and licensed QBCC medium-rise building company.
  • You’ll get personalised service from experienced tradespeople.
  • You’ll benefit from more than 25 years of knowledge and hands-on experience.
  • Receive an obligation-free fixed price competitive quote.
  • We’re quick, and efficient and will leave your home clean and tidy.


Should steps be open or closed?

The choice between open and closed steps largely depends on your personal preferences, safety considerations, and the overall design aesthetic you wish to create.

An open format is typically more contemporary and can make your outdoor area appear more spacious. They allow for a passage of light, which can be an advantage if you have a beautiful view or garden you’d like to highlight.

Closed steps provide a more traditional look, and some homeowners find them safer, especially for children, pets, or older family members, as there’s no gap for feet or paws to slip through.

When should I replace my handrails?

You should consider replacing your handrails in the following circumstances:

  1. Structural Integrity: If the handrails show significant wear and tear or structural damage such as cracks, loose parts, or rot.
  2. Safety Compliance: If your handrails no longer meet current standards (for instance, they might be too low), you should replace them.
  3. Aesthetic Reasons: When they look outdated, weathered, or don’t fit your current aesthetic.
  4. Preventative Maintenance: Even if there’s no apparent damage, if the handrails are old, it might be worth replacing them as a preventative measure to avoid future problems.

What's a good size deck for my home?

Determining the ideal size Brisbane deck depends on space, purpose, budget and lifestyle needs. Though the ideal size truly depends on your individual needs, you should consider starting with a space of around 15 to 20 square meters.

These measurements provide enough space for seating, a small table, and room to move around comfortably. It’s advisable to discuss your plans with our professional crew, who can find the best usable solution for your home or business.

How do I choose the right steps for my home?

Choosing the right steps for your home is a decision influenced by a combination of factors, including the following:

  1. Space: Consider the space you have available in your outdoor space.
  2. Material: Your choice of materials will influence the overall design of the completed construction.
  3. Safety: If you have small children, older adults, or pets in the home, a low riser design and handrails will make them safer.
  4. Style: Whether a contemporary or Queenslander home, its style should inform your choice.
  5. Budget: Complex designs and high-end materials can significantly increase the cost of your timber staircase.
  6. Lighting: Consider how you will light your stairs and surrounding outdoor space.

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Timber decks Sam Irwin – Google

Brisbane decks and stairs did an awesome job on my hardwood stairs in my Queenslander the whole experience was amazing from start to finish the job was done on time and to a high standard and with great communication. I would thoroughly recommend these guys.


Timber decks RD – Google

Good to find an old school builder that has a no fuss approach. Clearly explains things in a away that makes perfect sense and left us feeling confident. The use of all Hard Wood and the quality workmanship looks like it is going to last a life time.Thanx for the great Guys



Timber decks Antoine M – Google

Great Workmanship and quick work to replace a set of old and rotten stairs. Love the hardwood.